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NGS Girls X Dubai Women’s Association

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September 2019

MashaAllah, we're proud of our girls who did the opening ceremony for an event by Fikr Social

Club at Dubai Women's Association on the 25th of September.

NGS Student Wins First Place in Nationwide Robotics Competition

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Feb 2019

MashaAllah, we're proud to announce that our student Sultan Alzarouni from Grade 6 has taken part in the nationwide robotics competition VEX-IQ that was held in Abu Dhabi by the...

Alkhalij Newspaper writes 1400 Dubai Students Take Part in a PBL Exhibition

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Alhamdullilah, after our very successful PBL Exhibition last semester, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from parents, international educators, the community and even Al-Khalij...

NGS officially receives NEASC candidacy

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Jan 2019

We’re happy to announce that the Commission on International Education (CIE) has accepted the Report submitted by the NEASC inspectors that
visited our school this month and thus...

NGS Students Chosen to Celebrate Flag Day with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed

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Nov 2017

We're proud to announce that NGS and one other school were chosen from amongst all private schools in Dubai
to join the official Flag Day ceremony that took place at Dar Al Etihad last...

Students from all grade levels are excited to present their work this semester in an exhibition for a public audience

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Dec 2018

Alhamdulillah our daughters and sons have been working diligently throughout the term. At the end of each term, our students are expected to showcase their learning through a PBL. One...

NGS Student Qualified for Stage 3 in UAE Arabic Reading Challenge

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May 2018

MashaAllah, our student Noran Mohammed from Grade 5 secured a place in “UAE’s Arabic Reading Challenge” to compete nationwide. She was one of only 11 other students...

RamadanNGS Student Show

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May 2018

Before Ramadan, we announced that Hind from Grade 5 will be our Arabic Language News Reporter and she has been given the chance to host her very first show: #RamadanNGS with our media...

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