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Arabic Department Holds School Wide Poetry Competition

QIAS Admin

MashaAllah, we were amazed to see the performances of students from Grades 1 to 7. Every student was given the

chance to participate and finalists were asked to perform again in front of parents....

NGS Students Represent 11 Countries in You are Special Event by Awqaf

QIAS Admin

MashaAllah, we were very proud of our ambassadors

who represented their countries at the General Authority

of the Islamic Affairs & Endowments. Each one of them

held their country's flag up...

NGS Arabic Department Is Launching a New Reading Competition For All Students G1-7

QIAS Admin

September 2019

Because reading is the first key to knowledge, we at Next Generation

School have developed a comprehensive plan for reading and will

continue to give it high priority within our...

Arabic Quran and Islamic Studies Departments Hold Exciting Competitions

QIAS Admin

Feb 2019

MashaAllah, we’ve been having lots of exciting competitions in the departments of Islamic studies, Quran & Arabic. Some of the competitions included Arabic Calligraphy, The...

NGS Students Progress amazingly in the Intensive Quran Program

QIAS Admin

Jan 2019

MashaAllah, our Quran classes are having a huge impact on our students. We are really happy to see how far they’ve come in their memorization. Alhamudllilah, our KG students are...

Islamic Department Holds Young Imams Competitions For Boys From 4 to 7

QIAS Admin

Dec 2018

Our Head of Islamic Department Imaam Ayaz Housee held a very interesting competition for our boys from Grades 4-7 where they got the chance to stand in front of an audience and give a...

NGS Quran Competition

QIAS Admin

May 2018 


Alhamdullilah, our Islamic department has organized a school-wide Quran competition that is taking place from June 7-2. Nearly 200 students have taken part in it,...

A full week campaign on learning Salah

QIAS Admin

October 2018

Our Islamic Department has introduced a week this month where they focused on teaching younger students all aspects of Salah and how to perform it correctly starting from Wudhu,...

Islamic Department holding motivational lectures for all students

QIAS Admin

October 2018

Our Head of Islamic Department Imaam Ayaz Housee held multiple islamic lectures for our students this month related to the theme of the month: “Love of Allah & His...

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