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NGS Students Accept Dubai Fitness Challenge 30x30

Sports Admin

Our students have officially accepted the Dubai Fitness Challenge and are looking

forward to exciting challenges in November. Stay tuned!

NGS Starts Year of Tolerance with a Sports Week

Sports Admin

Jan 2019

We decided to start The Year Of Tolerance with a sports week! At NGS we've always been using sports to build tolerance and cultural understanding as well as promote respect and empower...

NGS Football Teams Win Big

Sports Admin

Nov 2017 

MashAllah our football stars from grade 4- 6 won another game for NGS against the “My Academy” Team. The team won the game 10- 3 Alhamdullilah. It was an all round...

NGS Football Team getting professional fitness and diet plans

Sports Admin

September 2018


Fitness tests were conducted this month by experts for the NGS football team. A full body analysis with an action plan and diet plan will be put together after this...

NGS Teams had an unbeaten month

Sports Admin


Alhamdulillah, our Football stars won every match they played this month against Real Madrid Academy, ESM Academy, GC United and Wadi Degla Academy. But it doesn’t stop here, our...

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