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Online Learning at NGS Rocks

Learning Admin

Alhamdullilah, our distance learning journey has been phenomenal so far. We started with a lot of support from our community of families and staff who have been truly amazing and extremely...

Unfolding Inquiry Based Learning at NGS

Learning Admin

At NGS we’re continuing to look for ways to move towards transformational approaches to learning. As we believe that we cannot teach children the way we learned and expect them to be ready...

NGS Engineers Submit their Ideas to EXPO2020

Learning Admin

Robotics fans at NGS found out about Expo2020 Young Innovators initiative and were determined to submit their “napkin ideas”. They submitted 2 project ideas and moved to the 2nd stage...

Arabic department uses games and other fun activities with Children

Learning Admin

Our Arabic department has been working very hard to offer students engaging activities to keep up with their Arabic lessons and goals. We have seen live sessions, recorded notes, designed games,...

Wellbeing Tips for Distance Learning from the counselors

Learning Admin

There are 5 winning ways to improve wellbeing, especially when we are in the middle of distance learning.

1. Connect

2. Keep Learning

3. Be active


5. Take notice


We will go...

Students of Determination (SoD): Even More Determined to Learn

Learning Admin

MashaAllah, we're proud of our students of determination who have been on top of their tasks with the help of our inclusion department. They are even more determined to learn! May Allah bless and...

NGS Student Support Services Continues to Support Students through Online Learning

Learning Admin

Our NGS Student Support Services team has been working very hard to continue providing support for our students. The team continues to provide:

●       One to one...

Student Assemblies for Learner Profile

Learning Admin

Our NGS Learner profile is coming to live in classrooms and teachers have begun to assess students based on the characteristics of our learner profile (Self-awareness, Innovation, Optimism,...

Cross Grade Learning Grade 6 Read Stories about Ghaf Tree to KG

Learning Admin

As we are raising awareness about the importance of Al Ghaf Trees at NGS, our Grade 6 students put together stunning stories which they presented to their younger brothers and sisters in...

Grade 4 Learn about Animal Sensory Receptors using Hands on Learning

Learning Admin

Grade 4 students were learning about animal sensory receptors in a fun and engaging way by matching definitions with the correct animal using cards. They learned interesting facts through...

Grade 2 Students Present their PBL to KG Students

Learning Admin

More cross-grade learning was happening this month where grade 2 students presented their work on PBL to KG 2 students. MashaAllah they were both excited about this collaboration and Grade 2...

Grade 3 Explore How Magnets Help People in Everyday Life

Learning Admin

Grade 3 had a PBL this month where they created a project that integrated Math, English and Science as a way to answer their driving question: “How can magnets help people in everyday...

Grade 1 Performs a Creative Life Cycle Puppet Show During Science

Learning Admin

Grade 1 students ended their science unit with a very creative lifecycle puppet show. 

Grade 1 Learn Adjectives on Funky Socks Day

Learning Admin

Grade 1 students enjoyed “Funky Socks Day” where they came to

school wearing fun and colorful socks and used different adjectives

to describe the socks. It was a fun way to learn new...

Grade 5 Students Experience Their Rainforest Unit with a Trip to Green Planet

Learning Admin

Grade 5 students had a trip to Green Planet as a part of their current unit, where they have been investigating the

different aspects of rainforests including the layers of the rainforest, the...

Grade 4 Learn About Measurements by Solving Real-Life Problems

Learning Admin

MashaAllah, grade 4 students were learning about the conversion of

different measurements during mathematics by solving real life

problems with fun hands on learning. Students were divided into...

NGS Encourages Healthy Food on World Food Day

Learning Admin

At Next Generation School we strive to provide the best learning environment for our students. A ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Happy Child’ ethos is extremely important.

Parents are...

KG 2 Students Are Making Volcanoes 

Learning Admin

MashaAllah our KG2's created baking soda volcanoes to link with their literature fiction book - "My mouth is a volcano” by Julia Cook. It was such a fun experience and they enjoyed it very much.

Grade 6 Girls Invited Staff and Students to Try Food Inspired by a Novel

Learning Admin

Grade 6 have been reading “Bud, Not Buddy” to find the food Bud ate from the beginning to the end of the story.

In the beginning, Bud ate food from charity kitchens, food he received...

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