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Grade 3 Students Learn how to Code during ICT Online Classes

Learning Admin

Nothing can stop you when you own the characteristics of innovation and perseverance. Our students from grade 3 have been coding different creative programs using “Scratch”

We Are Getting Ready to Welcome Students

Learning Admin

Dubai schools are set to reopen in September 2020 according to a statement on the KHDA website. We are currently working around the clock to ensure our premises are fully ready and safe for...

Grade 8 is Open

Learning Admin

We are happy to announce that admissions for Grade 8 are now open for 2020/2021 at NGS. For more information or to contact our admissions team, please call us on 056 933 0182 or send an email to

Online Learning at NGS Rocks

Learning Admin

Alhamdullilah, our distance learning journey has been phenomenal so far. We started with a lot of support from our community of families and staff who have been truly amazing and extremely...

Unfolding Inquiry Based Learning at NGS

Learning Admin

At NGS we’re continuing to look for ways to move towards transformational approaches to learning. As we believe that we cannot teach children the way we learned and expect them to be ready...

NGS Engineers Submit their Ideas to EXPO2020

Learning Admin

Robotics fans at NGS found out about Expo2020 Young Innovators initiative and were determined to submit their “napkin ideas”. They submitted 2 project ideas and moved to the 2nd stage...

NGS QIASS is Teaching Arabic with Fun Animations & Games

Learning Admin

Alhamdullilah, our teachers are enjoying making online learning fun for their students and have gained new skills while preparing creative activities and presentations for their students such as...

Kareem from Grade 6 Gets Featured in Friday Magazine

Learning Admin

Haya is not alone, our very special student Kareem also got featured in a local magazine called Friday magazine. Read the full article here

Haya from Grade 7 Gets Featured in Local Newspaper for her Drawings

Learning Admin

Masha Allah, our talented Haya from Grade 7 was featured in a local newspaper for her creative drawings. Way to go! 

Middle School Students Practice Growth Mindset

Learning Admin

Masha Allah and our middle school students have been working on “growth mindset” activities. It’s been very interesting to read their great...

Nasser from Grade 5 Creates an Impressive Video Presentation

Learning Admin

Our imaginative Grade 5 student Nasser created an amazing presentation for an Invention Role Play assignment. Masha Allah, it is impressive how students exceed expectations when they are given...

NGS Quran Stars Continue to Submit their Memorization Tasks

Learning Admin

Masha Allah, we’re always happy to see our students committed to memorizing the Quran even when they are home. May Allah increase you and make it easy for all of us inshaAllah.

How much did...

Learn the Meanings of the 99 Names of Allah during Ramadan

Learning Admin

On the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan our Islamic Department coordinator Imam Ayaz Housee will be explaining the 99 names of Allah throughout the month. Stay tuned on social media to...

Students Submit Quran Assignments Online

Learning Admin

MashaAllah, we’re happy to see that our students are committed to memorizing and submitting their Quran assignments online. 

NGS Online Learning Highlights During April

Learning Admin

Watch some of our favorite Online Learning highlights this month:

Grade 7 inquires

Learning Admin

Grade 7's unpack how a global pandemic may impact the health and wellbeing of a society. They are reflecting on how we as Muslims deal with the pandemic situation in regards to Tawakkul –...

Grade 6 inquires

Learning Admin

Grade 6

Sixth graders are reflecting on the current situation by thinking about how a global pandemic might present opportunities and possibilities to create a better society for all....

Grade 5 inquires

Learning Admin

Grade 5s unpack how  innovation and technology allow us to survive and thrive on Earth and explore beyond our world. Some of the questions they have to answer are:  What problems did...

Grade 4 inquires

Learning Admin

Grade 4

Grade 4 is discovering how inventions (past, present & future) can change/transform the world we live in. They are understanding the rank of people of knowledge in Islam and get...

Grade 3 inquires

Learning Admin

Grade 3

Grade 3 students are working on the big question “How do humans affect conservation and accessibility of water?” where they reflect on the choices they make in their...

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