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Next Generation School is committed to offering students an opportunity to develop through an engaging, integrated, and challenging curriculum. With the support of the NGS community, our students are given ownership of the learning process and are encouraged to actively participate in their own educational experience by setting personal goals and practicing on-going self- assessment.

Next Generation School (NGS) provides the ultimate 21st century educational experience - one that is innovative, creative and bold. Students are inspired to achieve excellence as they engage in exciting academic, sporting, and fine arts programs that are rigorous but never rigid.

Exceptional educators live and breathe the NGS philosophy and motivate students to excel as they develop confidence, independence, curiosity, respect, a genuine concern for others, high expectations, and a sense of compassion. Next Generation School’s educational model is built upon the six Cs of success: Creativity, Connecting Minds, Community, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication.

Our Six Principles of Success

They are the founding principles that pave the path and provide inspiration in our journey to cultivate the finest human talent. The six Cs are the heart of Next Generation School’s educational framework that brings together dynamic leadership, a compelling curriculum, engaging instruction, continuous improvement, and a positive school culture.

Our Six Principles of Success

Enriching Lives

Enriching Lives

Welcome to an American Islamic School that delivers a comprehensive educational experience that cultivates, nurtures, and combines academic excellence with Islamic values, provides an exceptional Arabic language program, and fosters civic responsibility to develop successful and contributing members of a global society.


Next Generation School is a K-12 American Islamic School which offers a comprehensive educational experience that cultivates, nurtures, and combines academic excellence with Islamic values, provides a comprehensive Arabic language program, and fosters civic responsibility to develop successful and contributing members of a global society.

In line with the goals set out in our mission statement, the Next Generation School will offer its students an enriched K-12 American curriculum that will be based on Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for literacy and math, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for science, and the New York State Standards for arts, physical education, ICT, drama, and other electives.

The American curriculum being offered to students at NGS is comprehensive. It is based on the Common Core State Standards in literacy and math, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in science, and the New York State Standards for the arts, physical education, and other electives. Our standards based curriculum embodies a clear set of expectations outlining what students are expected to know and be able to do at each grade level.

The primary objective and benefit of the Islamic Studies curriculum at Next Generation School is to create an atmosphere which nurtures students and responsible citizens that take Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a guide for improving their moral character and lives.




Due to their tremendous benefit in developing moral character, civic duty, responsibility, and culture identity, Arabic and Islamic studies are two of the most important subjects taught at Next Generation School. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, our Arabic curriculum focuses on developing the four key language areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Rather than focus on rote learning, our students are engaged through various strategies such as developing higher order thinking skills, role playing, group work, and independent study projects in order to apply what they have learned to real life experiences.

Based on the guidance of the Ministry of Education, our Islamic Studies curriculum also benefits our Muslim student population by teaching the Holy Quran with a strong emphasis placed on understanding and proper recitation with tajweed, the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), principles of faith, rulings related to worship, and manners.

The primary objective and benefit of Islamic Studies Curriculum in Next Generation School is to create an atmosphere which nurtures students and responsible citizens that take Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a guide for improving their moral character and lives.


A critical component of the NGS curriculum is the Life Skills Program that is integrated with into the curriculum to ensure healthy social, cognitive, and emotional development of our students from a young age.

At Next Generation School, we take great pride in nurturing a generation of responsible citizens and lifelong learners who will benefit their country with their knowledge. Whether it’s English, mathematics, social studies or science, our teaching staff is trained to extend learning beyond the text book into real life experiences by incorporating life skills into the curricula.

Through learning life skills such as critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, conflict resolution, decision making, negotiation, honesty, integrity, self-discipline, time-management, interpersonal skills, and communication, students will obtain a sense of responsibility that extends beyond the classroom, and we hope they will become positive role-models in Dubai’s multi-cultural society.




Next Generation School offers a dynamic physical education program that helps students form healthy habits that last a lifetime. The physical, cognitive, intellectual, emotional, and social benefits of an active lifestyle are an integral part of the NGS curriculum.

The Physical Education (PE) program at NGS uses a wide range of activities; athletics, self- defence, games, gymnastics, swimming, outdoor sports and team sports, to help students develop their motor skills and spatial awareness. Taught by qualified teachers in indoor facilities, covered volleyball/basketball courts, tennis courts, two semi Olympic swimming pools, and a soccer field, students are encouraged to achieve physical competence and develop a sense of fair play.

PE classes also offer opportunities for exposure to new sports. Students can train and build skills in the sport in which they have the most interest through the after school and sports coaching clubs at NGS.

Through sports activities, NGS students can enhance and develop their individual athletic skills and talents, learn the importance of teamwork and the value of fair play, and cultivate and refine their communication and leadership skills.


Teachers are NGS’s lifeblood. Equipped with a depth of knowledge in their respective fields, our teachers approach each day with a passion for their craft and for each of our students. They create an environment where individuals can flourish – challenging and encouraging young learners to stretch their limits. By developing confidence and motivation, they enable their students to meet rigorous academic standards.

Lessons are designed not only to convey knowledge buy also to elevate creativity, collaboration, engagement, and cognitive functioning. Next Generation School’s demanding and rewarding curriculum promotes life skills and lifelong learning. At NGS, students are trained to continually strive to better themselves and contribute to their community, as they learn the importance of academic excellence along the way.

Unlike most schools, NGS does not expect our diverse learners to adjust to the curriculum; rather Next Generation School’s educational framework will adjust the curriculum to the needs of our students. That means giving our students multiple ways of learning what they need to learn and multiple ways of showing what they’ve learned through hands-on activities.

Based on the best educational practices from around the world and inspired by the most innovative and internationally acclaimed teaching techniques, Next Generation School engages it’s students through three instructional methods:




Next Generation School’s teaching and learning strategy is based on the educational research of the Breakthrough System (designed by renowned educationalists Michael Fullan & Carmel Crevola). The inclusive and highly successful system is used by NGS to cater to the various learning styles and needs of students.

At NGS, the instruction, resources, and learning environment will be structured towards the particular strengths, interests, needs, and level of readiness of each student. The three elements of the Breakthrough System that are essential parts of NGS process are personalization, precision, and professional learning.

Personalization – Education that puts the learner at the center, providing assessment and instruction that are tailored to students’ particular learning and motivational needs.

Precision – A system that links “assessment for learning” to evidence-informed instruction on a daily basis, in the service of classroom instruction that is precise and connected to the level of readiness and the learning needs of each student.

Professional Learning – Focused, ongoing professional development for every teacher to link new concepts and research of instructional practice with assessment of student learning.

These three components are used as a general framework to guide the teaching and learning strategy of Next Generation School in order to attain academic excellence and tap into the potential of our students.


Children learn in different ways. Some learners are visual, others learn through touch, some prefer to listen in order to learn and understand effectively. Next Generation School’s curriculum design implements the Universal Design of Learning to give all children the opportunity to learn in their own unique ways. Next Generation School focuses on the design of flexible curricula by developing... goals... methods... materials... and assessments... that work for all students through:

  • Representation: showing information in multiple ways.
  • Action and expression: allowing students to approach learning tasks and demonstrate their work in different ways.
  • Engagement: what fires up one student doesn’t fire up another. Through Engagement, Next Generation School makes

REACHING ALL STUDENTS: DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION learning meaningful; provides a sense of purpose; stimulates interest; and motivates students to learn.

REACHING ALL STUDENTS: DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION learning meaningful; provides a sense of purpose; stimulates interest; and motivates students to learn.

Through brain research in recent years, three broad related concepts have established the vital need for a differentiated approach to teaching. The application of this research is at the core of Next Generation School’s teaching strategy:

  1. The NGS learning environment is safe and non-threatening in order to encourage learning. Students who experience rejection, failure, pressure, or intimidation may not feel safe in the learning context.
  2. Learners at NGS must be challenged appropriately. The content that students learn will not be too difficult nor too easy. Rather the content will be comfortable enough so that students can accept new challenges in their learning experience.
  3. Learners at NGS will have the ability to develop meaning of new skills and ideas by connecting them to prior knowledge and experience.

Differentiated instruction will be an essential component of our curriculum. Through strategic assessment, thoughtful plan


Through its innovative Learning Corridor System, Next Generation School will take the idea of hands-on learning to a whole new level by using its corridors as an extended learning space beyond the classroom that facilitates creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and the connecting of minds.

Filled with the latest technologies and various types of materials and educational tools in learning stations where children have the opportunity to work in small groups or individually, the Learning Corridor will give children the freedom to choose the materials they like to show what they have learned in the classroom.

Whether they’re learning about the life cycle of a plant or animal habitats, students are able to show their understanding of the lesson in many different ways, all based on their interests, learning styles, and preferences.

Some students choose to write a paper; others may give oral presentations; some make a video; some create a short drama; and some even draw a comic strip. Others may want to paint, use play-doh, or Lego to show what they have learned. In every case students find ways to engage with the material, to process, master the content, and have fun in the NGS Learning Corridors.

Next Generation School’s learning corridors will empower teachers and students to implement the Universal Design for Learning, the Breakthrough System, and Differentiated Instruction by creating an environment that respects and accommodates all learning styles, makes learning fun, and enriches the learning experience of every student.




Is your child prepared to try something new or develop a new skill set?

Extra-curricular Activities at Next Generation Schoolcreate an opportunity for students to pursue their passions, or develop new ones, through after school programs. There are a multitude of activities to choose from.

At NGS, tremendous focus is placed on the contribution of extra-curricular activities to the academic, personal, and social development of all students. The extra-curricular provision at NGS is offered to achieve a wider set of educational objectives related to developing life skills, enrichment learning, fostering relationships, teamwork, generosity, and civic responsibility that encourage a culture of upright character and citizenship in Dubai’s multi-cultural society.


Next Generation School’s curriculum includes quality extra-curricular activities that address the broad spectrum of student interests, at no or minimal additional cost to students. The program is divided into two areas:

Curriculum Enrichment: NGS’s Curriculum Enrichment program includes activities such as sports, special interest clubs, and community based associations.
Students at NGS are encouraged to join at least one extra-curricular program per semester. These curriculum enrichment activities will take place throughout the school year at varying intervals.

Curriculum Enhancement: Our Curriculum Enhancement Program focuses on academic programs that extend beyond the classroom to provide academic support. Study opportunities are available to students before and after school, and during breaks in the school day. The activities are homework clubs, study clubs, extra revision classes, and extra after-school tuition. Activities are also subject specific (i.e. Math homework clubs) and non- specific (i.e. to help develop organizational skills, study skills, coursework, and revision for exams).

ning, and targeted, flexible instruction, our teachers will ensure that every student at Next Generation School is benefiting.



A Place of Exploration, Independence and Challenge

In the elementary section at Next Generation School, every child will embark on an educational adventure as they discover the world around them. Their inquiry and exploration will take place in a caring and supportive environment, optimal for learning, self-discovery, and awareness. At NGS, Parents will be an important part of these early years, and will be encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education.

Young children learn best through inquiry and student-centered learning, and we understand that these early years are crucial to a child’s future educational success. Children ask questions as they inquire and explore the world around them. They learn through play and discover new ways to express their learning creatively, with confidence and self-assurance.

Every day at NGS will be filled with opportunities for children to further develop their talents in life skills, art, drama, and public speaking in various settings, methods, and school events.

Their minds will be challenged as they deeply examine subject matter and are challenged to think critically and produce original ideas that have value as they experiment with manipulatives, learn about different methods of producing evidence of learning, engage in literary pursuits, and more. Athletic, fine and gross motor skills will be developed as students participate in the PE program and extra-curricular activities. At every grade level, every child will find the opportunity to develop leadership, presentation, analytical and communication skills – all skills essential to future success. Academic Progress and Measures of Success.

At NGS, we value each child as an individual and realize that they bring with them their own strengths, identity, potential, talents and gifts. We also understand that students will be at different levels on the academic learning continuum. Innovative teaching strategies at NGS will ensure that all children are challenged appropriately as they progress along their individual learning continuum and attain the required academic benchmarks across the grade levels.


A Time for Expanding Horizons

The middle school years, Grades 6 to 8 at NGS will provide an exciting transition from Elementary school. In middle school, students will enjoy a warm, nurturing and supportive environment where they are encouraged to take guided and increased responsibility for their learning, while they embark on a new journey of self- exploration.

Inquiry will still be the cornerstone of learning in middle school and students will continue to investigate and learn about their world, but at a more complex level. As students engage in real life experiences and engaging subject matter, learning will still be student-centered.

These explorations may, for example, see students investigating space and the lives of astronauts, building space structures and learning about matter and gravity, or researching and developing solutions for water conservation in the Middle East.

Our qualified middle school teachers will encourage students to be guides in their own learning as they discover and develop interests and raise questions essential for academic success. Learning will be enriched and will take place through theme based units, field trips, excursions, extra-curricular, and other organized school activities.

Real life experiences and engaging topics, will bring learning to life as students participate in carefully planned activities that encourage powerful project based, hands-on learning.


Defining Goals and Charting a Course

High school is a place where students have the opportunity to define new goals, and a place where they can pursue their talents and passions as they prepare for graduation.

At Next Generation School we believe in creating a challenging, engaging learning environment that promotes intellectual, civic, and creative capacities within our high school students to reach their full potential. As students approach graduation, the objective is the cultivation of the highest level of human talent where reflection on one’s identity and realization of the needs and challenges of a rapidly changing world are materialized.
The core principles that are clearly understood and shared by every member of the NGS high school community are the Six Principles of Success – community, collaboration, connecting minds, communication, critical thinking, and creativity for academic and life achievement. An academic career built on these principles will enrich our high school students with the mental toolkit to excel in their future endeavors beyond Next Generation School.

Career Guidance
In order to succeed in their academic, social, and career endeavors in the 21st century, NGS high school students will have to attain an effective work ethic, the ability to make good decisions, problem solve, plan , work independently, possess strong communication skills, and explore new educational and career opportunities.

The NGS high school guidance counselling department and the guidance and career education program will serve as a crucial support system in developing the learning profile and life skills of our high school students and facilitating a smooth transition after graduation.

As students approach graduation, teachers and guidance counsellors at NGS will use the learning profile to ensure that students understand the concepts related to lifelong learning, interpersonal relationships, and career planning to become successful role models and productive members of society.

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