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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe Next Generation School?
Next Generation School is an American Islamic School that delivers a comprehensive educational experience that cultivates, nurtures, and combines academic excellence with Islamic values, provides a comprehensive Arabic language program, and fosters civic responsibility to develop successful and contributing members of a global society. Next Generation School’s educational program is inspired by acclaimed teaching methodologies to provide a truly global educational experience. At NGS, we provide a cutting edge curriculum that draws from the best practices around the world to instill a love for learning and a passion to become life long learners.
Who will accredit the school?
In our ongoing commitment to school improvement and high educational standards, the Next Generation School will obtain accreditation from world renowned organizations. We believe this is a challenging, rewarding and worthwhile aspiration that will provide our students with the best education possible. Next Generation School intends to obtain Joint accreditation by the New England Association of School and Colleges (NEASC) and the Commission on Independent Schools (CIS).
Is Islamic Education/Studies for the Arab Muslim students delivered in Arabic for them?
Yes it is.
Does the Next Generation School have music classes?
Music is not part of the school curriculum at NGS.
Will the school provide support for English Language Learners?
Next Generation School will make every effort to ensure that its ELL (English language learners) students receive the same support as other students, in order to realize their full potential and become life-long learners. Based on the needs of the student, adaptations and modifications will be implemented to engage and improve the outcomes and proficiency of ELL students. Teachers will adapt the curriculum, textbooks, tests, and examinations to address the different levels of language proficiency in the classroom. Next Generation School will use the Sheltered Immersion Model in which language and content instruction will be integrated. While students attend the same class as native speakers, ELL students will receive support through various teaching strategies, differentiated content and assessment, as well as extra teaching support in the classroom. Some of the teaching strategies that will be implemented to support ELL students are: Demonstrating and using visuals and manipulatives Incorporate hands-on activities to demonstrate concepts Allow sufficient wait time to think and process information Simplifying teacher language Not forcing oral production Responding to student’s answers without correcting errors in front of others Use total physical response (TPR) activities
What qualifications do you look for in teachers?
Teachers are NGS’s lifeblood. We are committed to attracting staff who are equipped with a depth of knowledge in their respective fields, teachers who approach each day with a passion for their craft and for each of our students. NGS teachers will create an environment where individuals can flourish – they will challenge and encourage our young learners to stretch their limits. By developing confidence and motivation, they will empower NGS students to meet rigorous academic standards. Next Generation School will only hire highly qualified teachers. The qualifications we look for are: Degree in Education (i.e. Curriculum, B.Ed, M.Ed, etc.) Subject Specific Degree - Bachelor or Masters with a teaching credential.
At what age do children start swimming classes?

Student will commence swimming classes in Grade 3 insha Allah.

Do you develop independent learning through homework and, if so, what are your recommendations regarding this, particularly time spent on homework?
In order to be successful in their academic, social, and career endeavours in the 21st century, our students will have to attain an effective work ethic, the ability to make good decisions, problem solve, plan , work independently, possess strong communication skills, and explore new educational and career opportunities. Carefully planned homework assignments will not only reinforce learning that takes place during class, it will also help students to develop the 21st century skills we want to instill in our students. That said, NGS believes that homework should not be excessive to the point of impacting the quality of family life and children’s ability to enjoy free time after school and explore non-academic interests. The quantity of homework assigned will be carefully monitored in order to enrich the learning experiences of our students without overwhelming them.
What is Next Generation School’s SEN policy?
Next Generation School strives to support an inclusive education for SEN students whenever possible. All students at Next Generation School will be given fair access to learning, opportunities to progress, and the support to pursue academic excellence in all areas of the curriculum. Since early intervention and determining a starting point are integral parts of assisting special needs students, a strong emphasis will be placed on professional assessment and early intervention. As part of the registration process any educational, social-emotional, physical, sensory, or medical needs must be fully disclosed in detail during the admission application process. All academic or psychological reports and/or any additional academic support the applicant is receiving or has received in the past (e.g. achievement or diagnostic assessments, psycho-educational evaluations, IEP, tutoring) must be disclosed at the time of application for admission. Next Generation School conducts pre-admission assessments for all students to determine their academic level and any special educational needs they may have. Should the NGS Administration, staff, SEN Department, or Educational Psychologists, or experts affiliated with the school determine that a child has special educational needs, the School reserves the right to ask parents/guardians to provide all the support the school deems necessary to facilitate a positive learning experience for the child at NGS.
How many nationalities do you expect in the school?
NGS is an inclusive school that encourages diversity in its student population and, seeks to serve the needs of local Emirati students as well as expats in Dubai’s multicultural society. We hope to attract locals and expats to Next Generation School’s world class facility and exceptional educational program.

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