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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

From which countries are your classroom teachers recruited from?
We are currently recruiting teachers. Majority of our teachers will be from the U.S. and Canada. We are also exploring recruiting options from the UK, Australia. There are many highly qualified teachers that are teaching in international schools around the world. We will be accepting CVs from them as well.
What extra-curricular activities are offered by the school?
The school curriculum will include quality extra-curricular activities that address the broad spectrum of student interests, at no or minimal additional cost to students. The program will be divided into two areas: 1) Curriculum Enrichment that will include activities such as sports, special interest clubs, and community based associations. Students will be encouraged to join at least one extra-curricular program per semester. These curriculum enrichment activities will take place throughout the school year at varying intervals. 2) Curriculum Enhancement will be academic programs that extend beyond the classroom. Study opportunities that will be available to students before and after school, and during breaks in the school day. The activities will be homework clubs, study clubs, extra revision classes, and extra after-school tuition. Activities will also be subject specific (i.e. Math homework clubs) and they will also be non-specific (i.e. to help develop organizational skills, study skills, coursework, and revision for exams). The activity list will be amended based on the interests and demands of students. The school will offer a wide range of activities to give students the opportunity to enhance their cognitive, social, physical, and emotional skills. The following is a comprehensive list of the extra-curricular provisions that will be offered at Next Generation School: Extra-curricular Sports Activities will include football, basketball, , swimming volleyball, martial arts, table tennis, track and field, gymnastics, weight training, , baseball, and hockey. Clubs and Societies will include art, chess, computer, debate, creative writing, sewing, drama, environment, nutrition, gardening, entrepreneurship, cooking, reading, math, science, and language clubs.
How does your school differentiate learning?
Differentiated instruction will be an essential component of NGS’s curriculum. Through strategic assessment, thoughtful planning, and targeted, flexible instruction, NGS teachers will ensure that every student at Next Generation School is benefiting. Thanks to brain research in recent years, three broad related concepts have established the vital need for a differentiated approach to teaching. The application of this research is at the core of Next Generation School’s teaching strategy: The learning environment must be safe and non-threatening in order to encourage learning. Students who experience rejection, failure, pressure, or intimidation may not feel safe in the learning context. Learners must be challenged appropriately. The content that students learn should not be too difficult nor should it be too easy. Rather the content should be comfortable enough so that students can accept new challenges in their learning experience. Learners must be able to develop meaning of new skills and ideas by connecting them to prior knowledge and experience. Since students differ in their strengths, learning styles, motivations, and readiness, the following elements will be differentiated in the classroom environment to meet these varied characteristics: The content of learning (what students are going to learn and when) The process of learning (the types of tasks and activities) The products of learning (the ways in which students demonstrate learning) The effect/environment of learning (the context and environment in which students learn and demonstrate learning).
How often do parents receive progress reports?
Parents will receive a formal report card at the end of each semester in January and June that will be based on course work and assessments. Moreover, Parents will also receive written bi-weekly reports based on formative assessments that the teacher will conduct in the classroom. Bi-weekly reports will be based on a template provided by the school to the teachers and will include teacher’s brief comments on the child’s achievement in relation to the overall objectives, the next steps for the teacher, as well as the next steps for the parents to assist them in supporting their child’s learning. Reports will be ongoing throughout the year and may also include other modes of parent-teacher communication such as informal reports, parent-teacher or student-teacher conferences, portfolios of student work, phone-calls, and email. Teachers may also include positive re-enforcement certificates and awards to motivate students and nurture a positive attitude towards learning. Children perform better in school if their parents are involved in their education. The reports will provide information that will encourage students to set goals for learning, and will help teachers to develop plans for teaching. Moreover, the bi-weekly reports will enable parents to have an open line of communication with teachers, to interpret the assessment of their child’s learning, to support learning at home, and to work with the teacher to improve and facilitate their child’s progress.
Does NGS have particular expertise in dealing with a specific learning need such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, aspergers syndrome and so forth?
While our school does not specialize in dealing with specific Special Needs, we will do our best to work with parents to provide the support needed for all students.
Does the school provide any medical services?
At full capacity of approximately eighteen hundred students, the school will have the following licensed medical staff; One full time doctor licensed by the Dubai Health Authority Two (2) full time nurses by the Dubai Health Authority At the initial stage of the school when the student population is less than one thousand, the school will employ one part time doctor and one full time nurse.
How does the school promote healthy lifestyles?
A critical component of our curriculum will be the Life Skills Program that will be integrated with incorporation of life-skills programs to ensure healthy social, cognitive, and emotional development of our students from a young age. At Next Generation School, we take great pride in nurturing a generation of responsible citizens and life-long learners who will benefit their country with their knowledge. Whether it’s English, mathematics, social studies or science, our teaching staff will extend learning beyond the text book into real life experiences by incorporating life skills into the curricula to cultivate a healthy lifestyle mentality. Through learning life skills such as critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, conflict resolution, decision making, negotiation, honesty, integrity, self-discipline, time-management, interpersonal skills, and communication, students will obtain a sense of responsibility that extends beyond the classroom, and we hope they will become positive role-models in Dubai’s multi-cultural society.
How do you promote healthy eating?
The school will provide access to a variety of delicious meals that cater to the health and nutritional needs of all students. The school will form a nutrition committee that includes teachers, the school physician, parents, students, nutritionists, and school administration whose primary objective will be to promote healthy eating habits at school. School meals will include fruits and vegetables, dairy products, starch (carbohydrates), meat, and substitutes. Informational posters on making healthy choices will surround the cafeteria and junk food will be discouraged. Students who bring their lunch from home will be encouraged to have healthy meals. Foods that will not be allowed on school premises include high caloric foods, foods with artificial flavors, foods with high fructose corn syrup, and foods with poor nutritional value. In addition, teachers will discuss the importance of proper nutrition during Life Skills, Science, and P.E. classes.
Will my children be safe at the school?
Next Generation School will employ five full-time security guards that will have extensive security training and experience. NGS facilities will be monitored with CCTV coverage. All parents and staff will be issued photo ID badges. NGS will also employ two registered nurses. Both are English-speaking and have extensive experience in the Düsseldorf area. These are people whom new parents go to with questions like “Where can I find a good orthodontist who speaks English?
Do you have a parents’ group supporting the school?
NGS will have a Parent Association and will have a parent rep as part of the school board

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