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NGS Parents Association 2019 2020

Parents Association Admin

The Parents' Association is a body of representatives of parents in NGS. It has been created to bring the parents

and management together on a platform where they can work closely to build a...

Meet Our Student Leaders

Student Support and Well Being Admin

We received many applications for the Student Leadership Team, including the Student Council.

After the application process, students were invited for an interview and students were informed of...

Kidpreneurs Earn Real Money During Opening Day

Kidpreneurs Admin

MashaAllah, we had a very successful opening day for our famous

Kidpreneurs program. Over 100 students with different and unique

businesses and services took part and it was an atmosphere filled

NGS Sets 3 Strategic Goals in line with New Vision and Mission

Achievements Admin

Our mission at NGS is to graduate dynamic, compassionate, literate global citizens who are proud of their Islamic identities and ready to

contribute, create, share and work to build a better work...

NGS Students Accept Dubai Fitness Challenge 30x30

Sports Admin

Our students have officially accepted the Dubai Fitness Challenge and are looking

forward to exciting challenges in November. Stay tuned!

News from NGS Student Support Team

Student Support and Well Being Admin

The Student Support Services department consisting of the Counselling team, Inclusion team, ELL team and Activities

and Events team have been working across the school during the first half of...

Grade 1 Learn Adjectives on Funky Socks Day

Education Admin

Grade 1 students enjoyed “Funky Socks Day” where they came to

school wearing fun and colorful socks and used different adjectives

to describe the socks. It was a fun way to learn new...

Grade 5 Students Experience Their Rainforest Unit with a Trip to Green Planet

Education Admin

Grade 5 students had a trip to Green Planet as a part of their current unit, where they have been investigating the

different aspects of rainforests including the layers of the rainforest, the...

Arabic Department Holds School Wide Poetry Competition

QIAS Admin

MashaAllah, we were amazed to see the performances of students from Grades 1 to 7. Every student was given the

chance to participate and finalists were asked to perform again in front of parents....

Grade 4 Learn About Measurements by Solving Real-Life Problems

Education Admin

MashaAllah, grade 4 students were learning about the conversion of

different measurements during mathematics by solving real life

problems with fun hands on learning. Students were divided into...

Students Continue to Learn on Their Break at NGS Midterm Camp

Clubs Admin

MashaAllah, our students were enjoying their off time during our mid-term camp where they had the chance to do

many different activities like swimming, football, badminton, robotics and much more.

NGS Invites Mothers to Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Events Admin

Our parents were invited to join us on Thursday 17th

of October to attend a workshop around Breast Cancer Awareness & the Importance of Breastfeeding with Ms. Yasmine Bilal El-Mouallem who...

NGS Encourages Healthy Food on World Food Day

Education Admin

At Next Generation School we strive to provide the best learning environment for our students. A ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Happy Child’ ethos is extremely important.

Parents are...

KG 2 Students Are Making Volcanoes 

Education Admin

MashaAllah our KG2's created baking soda volcanoes to link with their literature fiction book - "My mouth is a volcano” by Julia Cook. It was such a fun experience and they enjoyed it very much.

NGS Teachers Share Their Thoughts on World Teachers Day and Receive Cards from Students

Events Admin

On world teachers day, our teachers were asked to tell us something special about themselves, why they do what

they do, and the things they like most about NGS.

We captured some really...

NGS Media Team Opens Auditions for Students

Clubs Admin

Our media department announced auditions for all students who want to become presenters, videographers,

or story tellers. MashaAllah, more than 70 students signed up for different roles.


NGS Raises Awareness on Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome

Events Admin

In October, our inclusion team raised awareness on Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome by giving all parents information leaflets.

Videos were shown to children by their respective teachers as per the...

Grade 6 Girls Invited Staff and Students to Try Food Inspired by a Novel

Education Admin

Grade 6 have been reading “Bud, Not Buddy” to find the food Bud ate from the beginning to the end of the story.

In the beginning, Bud ate food from charity kitchens, food he received...

NGS Students Represent 11 Countries in You are Special Event by Awqaf

QIAS Admin

MashaAllah, we were very proud of our ambassadors

who represented their countries at the General Authority

of the Islamic Affairs & Endowments. Each one of them

held their country's flag up...

Pikatchu Visits KG Students and Book Fair Visitors

Events Admin

We invited Pikatchu to school and informed students that

he is waiting for them in the book fair to motivate them to

visit. NGS youngsters enjoyed playing with him and he

brought a lot of...

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