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Grade 4 inquires

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Grade 4

Grade 4 is discovering how inventions (past, present & future) can change/transform the world we live in. They are understanding the rank of people of knowledge in Islam and get...

Grade 3 inquires

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Grade 3

Grade 3 students are working on the big question “How do humans affect conservation and accessibility of water?” where they reflect on the choices they make in their...

Grade 2 inquiries

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Grade 2 students are understanding our relationships might affect one another and the world we live in. They learn how Islamically we all have duties towards one another and the environment.

Grade 1 inquiries

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n Grade 1 our students are discovering How Allah has facilitated our means of communication as compared to the past. They’re do so by unpacking the big question “how the ways we share...

KG2 inquiries

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n KG2 student explore how travel has changed the world and how this was different to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) walking for 7 days to reach Madinah from Makkah.

 Learner Profile...

Learn more about the Inquiry questions students are solving schoolwide and how Islam is integrated - KG1

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KG 1

KG 1 discover How they can stay healthy with  food, life cycle of a plants, health, hygiene, exercising and more. They are reflecting on Allah’s command as saying in the...

NGS Rolls out Distance Learning Survey and 83% of Parents Respond Positively

Achievements Admin

We’ve sent out a survey to parents as soon as week 1 Distance Learning was over to obtain parents’ feedback. It helps us work on areas that may need to be improved to ensure a perfect...

Upcoming Events

Events Admin

April 22nd: Earth Day

April 23rd: Ramadan Begins (Depends on Moonsighting)

Students Engage in a Stay Home Campaign


Many students have been proactively sending us very creative videos and content to deliver their voice during the UAE’s #StayHome campaign. Alhamdullilah, we are proud to be raising...

Thousands of Content Posted on Our Online Learning Platforms

Achievements Admin

This is what Distance learning looks like at NGS. MashaAllah we are extremely happy with the level of engagement from our families and students. May Allah grant you success and make this...

NGS Family Challenge

Achievements Admin

Week 1: 1 straight hour of NO Screen time (make a log 1 person, 2 ppl and which time)

                Cook something...

NGS Students from All Levels Engage in 15 Day Happiness Challenge

Achievements Admin

Our Activities and Happiness Department has published a very interesting challenge for all students with the start of distance learning. The challenge was called #NGSHappinessChallenge and...

NGS Students & Staff Say Thank You to Our Heroes with NGS SaysThanks Campaign

Learning Admin

As we are raising awareness about the importance of Staying home with our children we are also explaining to them how some individuals in our community are working hard to ensure our safety. Many...

KHDA Reposts Multiple NGS Stories Daily on Their Official Accounts% of Parents Respond Positively

Learning Admin

We have been sharing our distance learning experience with KHDA and were featured multiple times on their official social media channels and appeared daily in their highlights video during week 1.

Arabic department uses games and other fun activities with Children

Learning Admin

Our Arabic department has been working very hard to offer students engaging activities to keep up with their Arabic lessons and goals. We have seen live sessions, recorded notes, designed games,...

Wellbeing Tips for Distance Learning from the counselors

Learning Admin

There are 5 winning ways to improve wellbeing, especially when we are in the middle of distance learning.

1. Connect

2. Keep Learning

3. Be active


5. Take notice


We will go...

Students of Determination (SoD): Even More Determined to Learn

Student Support and Well Being Admin

MashaAllah, we're proud of our students of determination who have been on top of their tasks with the help of our inclusion department. They are even more determined to learn! May Allah bless and...

NGS Student Support Services Continues to Support Students through Online Learning

Learning Admin

Our NGS Student Support Services team has been working very hard to continue providing support for our students. The team continues to provide:

●       One to one...

Opening of New Makerspace


We are thrilled to announce the opening of a brand new Makerspace! Over the past 2 months, a lot of work has been happening with the 2nd floor library space. The room has been taken over by our...

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