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Grade 4 Learn about Animal Sensory Receptors using Hands on Learning

Learning Admin

Grade 4 students were learning about animal sensory receptors in a fun and engaging way by matching definitions with the correct animal using cards. They learned interesting facts through...

Arabic Readers Receive Awards for being part of telegram reading channel

Achievements Admin

Our Arabic department has started a great initiative to encourage reading of Arabic books. A telegram channel was created and families were asked to join to receive reading challenges for their...

Al Ghaf Tree Planting

Events Admin

MashaAllah, we're proud of our students who took part in the Give a Ghaf tree planting initiative which aims to raise awareness of the importance of the national tree of the UAE....

Staff Professional Learning Days

Events Admin

As our students went off to enjoy their winter break, our teaching staff rolled up their sleeves and got ready for a professional development week filled with intensive workshops and training. As...

Grade 2 Students Present their PBL to KG Students

Learning Admin

More cross-grade learning was happening this month where grade 2 students presented their work on PBL to KG 2 students. MashaAllah they were both excited about this collaboration and Grade 2...

KG Enjoying their Last Days Before Winter Break with entertaining Activities

Events Admin

KG had their topic of "Community Helpers", which they related to real life experiences. We took students to the mosque, supermarket and laundry service in our community. Students had the...

Grade 3 Explore How Magnets Help People in Everyday Life

Learning Admin

Grade 3 had a PBL this month where they created a project that integrated Math, English and Science as a way to answer their driving question: “How can magnets help people in everyday...

Grade 1 Performs a Creative Life Cycle Puppet Show During Science

Learning Admin

Grade 1 students ended their science unit with a very creative lifecycle puppet show. 

NGS Media Auditions Start with over 150 Candidates

Clubs Admin

Our Media Team has started auditioning students who signed up for media. The auditions are being recorded to be shared with the NGS community as episodes. We received more than 150 sign ups and...

NEASC Parent ACE Survey

Parents Association Admin

Masha-Allah 286 parents have completed the NEASC survey at Next Generation School. Thank you very much for your cooperation. We appreciate your support to help our school community...

NGS Kidpreneur and Author Publishes Her Book on Amazon

Kidpreneurs Admin

Safa Kidwai from grade 6A, is a budding author and now a published one too. MashaAllah, she had her first book published recently which is now available on Amazon (U.K., U.S. and...

NGS Students Accept Dubai Fitness Challenge 30x30

Sports Admin

Our students have officially accepted the Dubai Fitness Challenge and are looking

forward to exciting challenges in November. Stay tuned!

NGS Parents Association 2019 2020

Parents Association Admin

The Parents' Association is a body of representatives of parents in NGS. It has been created to bring the parents

and management together on a platform where they can work closely to build a...

News from NGS Student Support Team

Student Support and Well Being Admin

The Student Support Services department consisting of the Counselling team, Inclusion team, ELL team and Activities

and Events team have been working across the school during the first half of...

Grade 1 Learn Adjectives on Funky Socks Day

Learning Admin

Grade 1 students enjoyed “Funky Socks Day” where they came to

school wearing fun and colorful socks and used different adjectives

to describe the socks. It was a fun way to learn new...

Grade 5 Students Experience Their Rainforest Unit with a Trip to Green Planet

Learning Admin

Grade 5 students had a trip to Green Planet as a part of their current unit, where they have been investigating the

different aspects of rainforests including the layers of the rainforest, the...

Arabic Department Holds School Wide Poetry Competition

QIAS Admin

MashaAllah, we were amazed to see the performances of students from Grades 1 to 7. Every student was given the

chance to participate and finalists were asked to perform again in front of parents....

Grade 4 Learn About Measurements by Solving Real-Life Problems

Learning Admin

MashaAllah, grade 4 students were learning about the conversion of

different measurements during mathematics by solving real life

problems with fun hands on learning. Students were divided into...

Students Continue to Learn on Their Break at NGS Midterm Camp

Clubs Admin

MashaAllah, our students were enjoying their off time during our mid-term camp where they had the chance to do

many different activities like swimming, football, badminton, robotics and much more.

NGS Invites Mothers to Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Events Admin

Our parents were invited to join us on Thursday 17th

of October to attend a workshop around Breast Cancer Awareness & the Importance of Breastfeeding with Ms. Yasmine Bilal El-Mouallem who...

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