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School Reopening Plan

School Reopening Plan

School Reopening Plan

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Assalaamu Alaikum Dear  Parents,


Eid Mubarak to all of NGS community.


We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to school at the end of this month. As we have communicated previously we know that this year will look slightly different from the past. However, we are happy to announce the outline of our school reopening plan which has been fully approved by KHDA.


We will be happy to welcome all of our students back to school for the 2020/21 academic year by following the KHDA protocols to ensure the safety of all our students. The full 118 protocols can be found here:



The full parent reopening plan will be shared with the community shortly in English and Arabic but below is a brief overview of the main features.


As per the directive by KHDA all schools in Dubai must operate at a maximum of 80% on site with 20% distance learning. In order to minimize the impact upon our families NGS will operate a four day week (Sunday to Wednesday) on site with Thursday being a distance learning day. 


We will operate staggered starts to limit the flow of students into the building and utilize the different entrances to allow for compliance with social distancing:

KG1 – entering through KG foyer will begin the day at 7.30 and end at 1pm

KG2 – entering through KG foyer, will begin the day at 7.50am and end at 2.10pm

Grade 1 & 7 & 8 boys– entering through main foyer, will begin the day at 7.30am and end at 2.10pm

Grade 2 & 4, 5 and 6 boys - entering through main foyer, will begin the day at 7.50am and end at 2.30pm

Grade 3 and 4 girls and 5 girls – entering through back entrance, will begin the day at 7.30am and end at 2.10pm

Grade 6, 7, 8 girls - entering through back entrance, will begin the day at 7.50am and end at 2.30pm


All students will pass through sanitization tunnels before entering the school and have their temperature checked.


Social distancing will be in place throughout the school building.


KG classes will be reduced to pods of 10 who will only interact with the students within their pod to allow the younger students to have a safe school experience.


Older classes will adhere to the 1.5m distancing between desks within the classroom and teachers will wherever possible move to the students in order to limit student transition.


In most cases class sizes have been reduced in order to accommodate the distancing required although with some older classes the school has utilized larger spaces to keep the class together and still ensure their safety.


NGS will continue to use online platforms in order to allow students to collaborate, complete supervised study, track work and communicate with families.


NGS has listened to the feedback of many of its parents and wants to offer as normal a routine as possible whilst ensure the safety of our students remain paramount. However, should any parents feel uncomfortable with their child returning to school NGS will work with them to provide an online alternative through their online platforms.


Please see below the answers to the most common questions posed by our parent community:




When not in school students will access learning online through the use of webcams and numerous platforms used during remote learning. We have learned so much during our experience from March to June, and have taken that knowledge to further refine and enhance the remote provision.




Upon arrival at school, students will pass through a number of designated entrance points based on their Grade. The entrance points will be fitted with thermal imaging cameras, which will record each student and staff member’s temperature. Students travelling by bus will have their temperatures checked before getting on the bus and again before accessing the building. Trained staff will monitor the system throughout the day. A process is in place to manage all students identified with a temperature greater than 37.5 degrees Celsius.


Anyone with a temperature of 37.5 will not be allowed entry. These students will be taken to a dedicated medical room within the school, where further temperature and medical checks will be made, and families subsequently notified.


Families are to drop off and pick up at designated areas only in designated timings with no interaction inside the school. There will be no access to the rest of the school facility by family members or visitors. Family members are given a maximum time limit of 10 minutes in the designated area to pick up / drop off with no crowding, maintenance of 2 meters distance, and wearing masks at all times.



Desks will be set at a safe distance apart of 1.5 meters, and physical markings will be used in classrooms to ensure desks remain in the correct locations. Teachers will be positioned at the front of the classroom area, at a distance of 1.5 meters from the front row desks.


Safety markings will be set up throughout corridors, the markings will dictate safe distances of 2 meters. Students will be monitored to ensure adherence. One-way pedestrian flows will be required and will be marked out accordingly.


Until Health and Safety Restriction allows greater flexibility, students will be eating snack/recess and lunch within classroom environments. Students should bring their own food from home which cannot be shared. Water dispensers are not permitted to be used. Students must bring enough water for the school day.




Teachers and students above the age of 6 (Grade 1) are required to wear face masks. Face masks can be removed during strenuous physical activity. Face shields can be worn for those employees who are in direct contact with students. It is suggested that students bring two disposable masks to school per day or one re-usable option. It will be the responsibility of the students to ensure that they bring the required number of masks each day and ensure any reusable masks are washed in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.




All staff will undergo specific Covid-19 training prior to the start of the new academic year. In addition, teachers will regularly communicate and provide information to students on the associated risks, safe practices and controls. All students will be briefed on this plan prior to the start of the academic year.




Our school has conducted a review of all potential frequent touch points, and communal areas. Increased cleaning and sanitization will be conducted across these areas throughout the duration of the day. A thorough cleaning of the school will be conducted each day by an approved vendor, using approved Municipality chemicals. A thorough deep clean and sanitization of the school will be conducted at the end of each week. Cleaning staff will wear the required PPE for all cleaning activities.


NGS will continue to use email, newsletters and through our class parent representatives. Please do ensure that your email is updated and read messages thoroughly.


Despite the differences we are excited to welcome our NGS family back for 2020-21!

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