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Become a Class Parent Representative

Become a Class Parent Representative

Become a Class Parent Representative

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Assalaam alaikum, 


Dear respected parents, 


Building partnerships with our learning community, including parents is an integral part of connecting Next Generation School with our students. For the academic year 2019 – 20 we would like to invite parents to become a Class Parent Representative (CPR) for their child’s class. 


The purpose of this initiative is to promote home-school partnerships, streamline communications, and facilitate parental involvement alongside our Parents’ Association. In order to be inclusive, we would like to have one English and one Arabic speaking representative for each class. 


The role of the Class Parent Representative (CPR) is as follows: 

1. Act as a messenger or conduit between the School and the classroom parents. 

2. Represent the classroom community and ask questions on their behalf and take answers to their questions and additional information. 

3. Invite and encourage parents of students in the classroom to get involved in the school in whatever positive way they can. 

4. Solicit feedback from classroom parents for related issues/events/initiatives. 

5. Solicit additional feedback from the classroom teacher related to events or initiatives (example: science fair). 

6. Provide support to classroom teachers for activities and events such as Sports Day, National Day, field trips, etc. 

7. Project a positive inclusive image of the school and the parent body. 

8. CPR will work in conjunction with the Parents’ Association of NGS. 

If you are interested and committed to accepting this position, please register your interest by completing the registration form below. The deadline for registration is Sunday, September 15th. 


Also, please note that the final selection of a Class Parent Representative is at the sole discretion of the classroom teacher. Once the list of CPRs is finalized, you will be informed by the class teacher. 


We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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